2016 return of the now annual Kauai Mud Out !! Mahalo Bertram !!

Various clips from various classes. 3/20/16.

short promotional video for upcomming May 3, 2015 races (3rd annual Kapa Moke memorial races).

Interviews and promo footage for upcomming Kauai 60th annual Hare & Hound enduro race.

2014 60th Annual Labor Day Hare & Hound. Filmed the start, first section, then skipped to the B-exit outa the valley.

GIMC, Kapa Moke Jr, 3rd annual H&H A - Expert class Omao h&h / extreme enduro Kauai dirt bike riding

Kauai dirt bike riding, Omao Hawaii 2015 

Kauai dirt bike riding, Omao Hawaii 2015