Our Story

The Garden Island Motorcycle Club was formed in 1946 by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Under the direction of Larry Andrade, the club successfully promoted the sport of motorcycling, instilled goodwill among it’s members and the public, and organized competitive events. The most famous of the events is known as the Kauai Labor Day Hare and Hound. The first race was held in 1945. Since this first event, the Labor Day Hare and Hound race on Kauai has been an annual event, attracting riders from around the world to complete on challenging off-road courses.

Our Mission

GIMC was formed to unify the dirt bike community on Kauai. The club’s main objectives are to preserve, enrich, and perpetuate the sport of off-road motorcycle riding on Kauai for future generations.  One of the primary goals of the club is to secure permanent riding areas for the community to enjoy. By sharing our talents and mana’o (knowledge), we aim to instill responsible land stewardship amongst our members.